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Rohan Item Mall Guide

OBT is here and with it, the Rohan Item Mall! Read on to find out how to use this feature to enhance your Rohan gaming experience.


NOTE: To be able to use the Rohan Item Mall, you need to have a MyLU Account and a Rohan Game Account.

Please take note that before you can make a successful purchase, the Rohan Game Account must have at least 1 Character made (Any server) If you purchase an item with your character logged in, you would have to log out in order for the item to reflect to your in-game Item Mall inventory.

For users with existing MyLU Accounts, they could log in to :

  • Log In using your MyLU Account username and password

  • Click “Create game account”

  • Select “Rohan Online” on the Select a Game list, and click Next

  • Fill up your desired Game Account Information, and click Next

For new users, use the QuickReg site (Available on March 24, 2009)

  • Select your desired game from the dropdown list

  • Fill up your desired user information – Make sure they are available by clicking on Check Availability

  • Fill up your security information – Do not share this with anyone else!

  • Check the check box for Level Up! User Agreement
  • Press submit

How to use the Item Mall

STEP I. Before you can purchase anything from the Item Mall, you need to have enough Rohan Points. Rohan Points (or RPs) can be obtained by converting MyLU Credits. To convert, simply log in to your MyLU Account at

  • Log in using your MyLU Account information

  • Select Add credits

  • Enter your Level Up Card Information and click “Load Up Now”

- Level-Up! Cards can be bought from your nearest Level-Up! Card dealers and outlets.

- Card denominations come in 50 Php, 100 Php, 350 Php, and 500 Php.

  • Once you have enough MyLU Credits, you must convert them into Rohan Points. Click the “Use Credits” link.

  • Select your Rohan Game Account from the dropdown list, and click Next

  • Select the amount of MyLU credits you want to convert into Rohan Points (RPs) from the dropdown list.

  • Click Submit.

STEP II. Once you have enough Rohan Points, you can go to (Available on March 24, 2009) and log in using your Rohan Game Account Information.

  • Your Rohan Game Account Information is the one you use for logging in the game.

STEP III. Once logged in, you can see your current Rohan Points at the upper left portion of the webpage.

STEP IV. To browse the items available for purchase, you can click on any of the Item Categories on the left part of the page.

  • You can also view the categories by the Interactive links at the upper portion of the page.

  • To get quick information about the items on the list, simply click the Quick Info button on the right side.

  • You can also use the “Buy It Now” button found in the “Quick Info” button of the items to quickly purchase a specific item of choice.

STEP V. Before you can purchase an item, you need to put them in your shopping cart. You can select multiple items you wish to add to your cart by clicking the checkbox next to the item’s icon, and clicking the “Add to Cart” button. A confirmation message will be shown in your screen.

  • To view items you placed in your cart, simply click the “Cart” links located at the upper and left portion of the page.

- Each item you put in your cart is set at 1 Quantity by default.

  • You can change the Quantity of the items you wish to purchase by selecting the amount from the Cart’s Quantity dropdown list.

  • You can also view your Shopping History by clicking the “My Trades” link, and selecting “Purchased List”

STEP VI. Once you have added items to your cart and ready to finalize your purchase, click the “Cart” link to go to your Shopping Cart page.

  • Each item you put in your cart is set at 1 Quantity by default.

  • Check the check box of the Items you wish to purchase. Type-in your Rohan Game Password, and click “Checkout”
  • The total amount of the Items you check and their Quantity will automatically be computed below. ( Make sure you have enough RPs!)

  • A confirmation message will be shown that you have successfully purchased the item.

Once you purchase your items, they will be delivered to your in-game Item Mall Inventory.

NOTE: The item mall items will be available to every character on all servers within your Game Account, but you can only claim each item to one character on your account.

There you go! Now go ahead and use the Item mall!

Vengeance is always an option!

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