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Happy Hearts Crafting Sale and Limited Release Promo

Greetings Warriors of Rohan!

By public demand, limited release Blessed Accessories and Brawn’s Necklace are available in the Item Mall starting 4PM of Feb 13, 2012 until 4PM of Feb 20, 2012!

How about Crafting Sale and Enhancement Stones? Don’t worry, there is also a Valentine’s Promo for selected crafting stones and Enhancement Stones. Read on for more details.
Promo Duration: Feb 13, 4pm to Feb 20, 4pm

Limited Release Accessories

  • Blessed Thought’s Necklace – 1300RP
  • Blessed Mind’s Necklace – 1300RP
  • Blessed Sense’s Necklace – 1300RP
  • Blessed Spirit’s Necklace – 900RP
  • Blessed Body’s Necklace – 900RP
  • Brawn’s Necklace (7days) – 100RP
  • Brawn’s Necklace – 1500RP

Big Discount Promo on selected Crafting Items

  • Premium Preservation Stone – 120RP
  • Deluxe Equipment Reinforcement Abradant – 30RP
  • Armor Reinforcement Stone VI – 40RP
  • Weapon Reinforcement Stone VI – 40RP

Up to 75% discount on selected stones

  • Radiant Ancient Enhancement Stone – 125RP (75% off)
  • Radiant Enhancement Stone – 1000RP (75% off)
  • Radiant Restoration Stone – 30RP (40% off)


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