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Quests Available in Fire Temple Garden

Fire Temple Garden caters a number of good new items that can be acquired by completing a number of quests.

Quests for Entrance Tickets of Fire Temple Garden Dungeons

Quest Title: Sacrifice of Flames
Starting NPC: Shu
Quest Objective: Collect 20 bark
Hint: Kill Flame Drys, Drys of Rage, or Drys of Darkness
Reward: Kasa’s Command

Quest Title: Eyes Observing Me
Starting NPC: Polken
Quest Objective: Collect 20 Warden's Eye
Hint: Kill Sorceress of Shadow, Sorceress of Bane, or Sorceress of Darkness
Reward: Evil Eyes

Quest Title: Flame Sacred
Starting NPC: Lev
Quest Objective: Collect 20 Heart of Evil Spirit
Hint: Kill Flame Archer, Warden of Flame, or Knights of Flames Departed Spirit. Always get this quest before entering Lamp of Flames and Ring of Flames
Reward: Wings of Light

Quests for Boss Summoning

Quest Title: Awaited Hero
Starting NPC: Naz
Quest Objective: Collect 1 Phoenix Green Feather, 1 Phoenix Grey Feather, and 1 Phoenix Stone
Hint: Kill boss monsters
Reward: Sword of Departed Spirit

Quest Title: Blood Kasa
Starting NPC: Naz
Quest Objective: Collect Epo's Vitality Amulet, Flame Amulet, and Spirit Amulet
Hint: Accomplish 3 Epo’s Amulet Quest to get the different amulet
Reward [choose 1]: Green’s Cane, Grey’s Cane

Quests for Acquiring Accessories with good stats

Quest Title: Phoenix Stone
Starting NPC: Epo
Quest Objective: Fetch Phoenix Stone
Hint: Kill Phoenix Gray, Phoenix Green
Reward [choose 1]: Heart of Flame Golem, Heart of Flame Sorceress, Heart of Flame Executor, Heart of Knights of Flames

Quest Title: Flame Gem Fragment
Starting NPC: Epo
Quest Objective: Get 1 Flame Gem Fragment
Hint: This is a repeatable quest. Kill Kasa boss monster from Tower of Kasa
Reward [choose 1]: Flame Sapphire, Flame Topaz, Flame Spinel

Quest Title: Epo
Starting NPC: Flame Diamond
Quest Objective: Get 2 Flame Gem Fragment
Hint: This is a repeatable quest. Kill Kasa boss monster from Tower of Kasa
Reward: Flame Diamond

Quests for Acquiring Costume with Good Stats

Quest Title: Ignited Spirit Armor
Starting NPC: Warrel
Quest Objective: 1 Crimson Spirit Tunic, 1 Crimson Spirit Leggings, 1 Crimson Spirit Helmet, 1 Crimson Spirit Gloves, 1 Crimson Spirit Boots
Hint: Accomplish other quests from Warrel. This quest is not repeatable
Reward: Ignited Spirit Armor