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Giants Client Download

You can also try our new Rohan downloader that enables you to pause and resume your downloads at your convenience. Simply download the installer (2MB in size), and follow the instructions.

The Rohan Giants Downloader is also ready for download. Note: Please wait for further announcements before installing the Giants Downloader.

If you are an I-Café owner, you can also ask for assistance from Level Up! Sales Agents or the Area Manager assigned to your area to install the game.

FTP files download

You can now download the Rohan Giants client in 4 parts. Just click on each of the links below to begin downloading each part.Note that you should have all of the 4 parts before unpacking the main .RAR file. Save all of the .rar files in the same directory.You must also have the WinRar application to be able to unpack the client.
Total file size of the main RAR file is 1.88Gb

How to install guide

1. Insert the DVD/CD into your DVD/CD-Rom Drive.
2. Wait for your DVD/CD to be read.
3. The Flash Autorun should automatically pop up. Click on “INSTALL” to start the Installer.

NOTE: Vista users (especially those without Administrator Access) will be asked to allow Autorun to start, as seen in the screenshot below; just click on “Run autorun.exe” to allow the Installer to start.