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Part 5
The next task would be to collect 30 Earth’s Energy and 30 Green Totems.

Earth’s Energy can be obtained from Paragon Guardsmen, and Green Totems can be obtained from Banshee Archmages.

Both Monsters can be found all over Liom.

Deliver them to Brayden once you complete the items.


After taking the Energies and Totems to Brayden, he will tell you to collect 5 Hot Topaz and 5 Hot Tourmaline from the Tourmaline Quarry and Topaz Quarry.

The Quarries can be found in the northwestern part of Geizan.
The stones can be found in bags scattered throughout the area.

Once you have 5 of each, deliver them to Toaz.

Toaz is located at the upper right exit of Silva’s Temple at Geizan.

He will convert the Gems into dusts, which you need to deliver back to Brayden.

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