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Rohan Featured Player of the Week!

Rohan’s Featured Player of the Week

Now is your chance to be featured and get free special in-game items! 1 featured player will be posted every Thursday at the Official Rohan Fan Page and Rohan Forum. Want to be featured? Read on for more details.

Simply email us at with your photo, screenshots of your character and fill up the following details below:

Email Subject: Rohan – Feature Me

Real Name:
Character Class:
Character’s Gender:
Favorite place in-game:
Favorite In-game Item/s:
When did you start playing Rohan?
What is your unforgettable in-game experience?
Why do you love Rohan?
What are the features that you like best in the game?
What are your accomplishments in-game?
Who is your very first friend in-game?
Who is your Idol in-game?
Who is your crush in-game?
What made you choose your class?
How long do you play Rohan?
If given the chance, what are the previous events that you want to experience again?
Any message for the Rohan Team?
Why should we pick you as featured player of the week?


• Permanent Women’s Asian Robe: 2_1 (vit +10) or Permanent Men’s Asian Robe: 2 (vit+10)

Posted Image

• 1 pc. Roaming Kruger (permanent)

Posted Image

• Armed Murderous Kruger (M) - New Mount:
- 30 days duration
- 100% mobility
- Cannot ride mount on safe zones

Posted Image

•- 5pcs. Styling Ticket

Note: Costume prize will depend on Character’s Gender. Costume, Armed Murderous Kruger (M) and Styling Tickets are non-tradable.

Prizes will be awarded 1 week from the day the announcement of featured player was posted.

We’ll be waiting for your emails! ^^,

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