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[Event] Rohan Rally 4

[Advisory] ROHAN Rally 4 Update

Great news Warriors!

In light of recent downtime issues, we have decided that despite non-consecutive attendance, those who accumulated a total of 45 days and 60 Days attendances after the event will still receive their prizes. However,  if qualified this way, the prizes will be manually awarded 2 to 3 weeks after the event has ended.

So don’t be disheartened due to the days you’ve missed because you can still get awesome prizes and complete the Server Rally.

Thank you for actively supporting ROHAN Rally 4!

-The ROHAN PH Team

ROHAN Rally is one of the biggest and most awaited in-game events in ROHAN PH. Legions of fans celebrate the event by logging into the game every day to show their relentless support for ROHAN. It is a quest that many ROHAN warriors have so zealously pursued since 2010.

As a reward, participants receive in-game items which are automatically inserted to their accounts once a condition is completed.

Now on its 4th season, ROHAN Rally is bigger and better – with new prizes and a new feature called Server Rally.

ROHAN Rally 4 will run from January 21 to March 29, 2013.

Individual Rally
Participants must meet the conditions below to win prizes:

Server Rally
At the end of ROHAN Rally 4, the number of participants who have met the Daily condition for 40 cumulative days will be added up per server. The server with the most number of qualified participants versus registrations will win the Server Rally!

For example:

In spite of the fewer number of users who logged in for forty (40) days, Akkarna still wins due to a bigger ratio.
*Note that the table above is used to provide a clear explanation of the mechanics, and does not necessarily represent real situations.

Participants who accomplished the sixty (60) days Individual Rally category wil have a chance to win better rewards.

Isn’t these awesome? Check out for the complete mechanics.

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