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[GM Blog] On the Hero Patches: Features and Estimated Launch Date

Greetings fellow Warriors and welcome to my very first blog post! I’m here not to answer your recent complaints ( I believe GM Xairam are handling those well), but rather to share with you some behind-the-scenes information and answer some rumors about the Hero patches.

As a sort of intro, my name is GM Raven and I’ve been working as ROHAN’s Brand Manager for quite some time now. I know I should have shed my invisibility skill and gone public earlier, but I prefer working on the background, where I can see and manage the game as a whole.

To prove that I am a real GM (and not a random psycho who just decided he wants to write) , here’s a screenshot of me taken Nov last year:

Of course, I was (trolling) kidding, I don’t give away katars or whatever. @harima, in case you’re reading this, I hope you have leveled-up and got yourself a katar. LOL!

It’s a bit long, but if you’re really craving for information, you should read it through.

On the Hero Patches

Mid December 2012, we invited some of you for a focus group discussion in the office, where we asked questions on the status of ROHAN and presented a preview of the features of Hero I and Hero II. Unsurprisingly, there was an outburst of excitement when the features of the Hero patches were finally unveiled.

The Hero patches aren’t really new,  you’ve probably heard about them already. However, bringing the patches into PH was a big challenge. It was a project full of difficulties, mostly technical,  but none of which is important to discuss right now. :)

On the bright side, the Hero I project finally began JAN 2013, and I was just told that the patch installer is already being compiled, which means it is two steps away from being available online.

The sensitive thing about Hero I is that it is an 800 MB patch - it’s a big deal. We want to tell you about it when we are sure that we can launch it. That’s why, until now, we chose to show only previews, no date commitments.

But that Hero I is an 800 MB patch is not the real trouble. The real trouble is that you can’t auto-patch Hero I, or download the 800MB patch. You are required to download the new full client installer which is a 2.1 GB file, un-install your existing ROHAN client, and install the new client. We tried looking for ways for  manual patch installation or auto-patch, but the risks are just too heavy (you might think 2.1 GB isn’t a large file if you have a speedy internet connection, but others aren’t as privileged as you are, and we need to consider them).

Anyway, we will give you at least a month to download the new client installer and we will roll-out DVD installers before Hero I’s patch date.

To cut to the chase, the live server update of Hero is scheduled mid April 2013. Our promotions for the patch will run as early as 2nd week of March, and I’m quite excited to show you what we’ve been working hard on.

Another important thing to discuss is the difference between Hero I and Hero II. Here’s an overview:

*UI means User Interface, which is what you see in the game – the windows or the buttons that you click or interact with.

The image above isn’t detailed, but is enough for you to see that main difference between the two patches : majority of the better contents are in Hero II.

The reason why Hero I is such a big patch is that some of the contents of Hero II are already inside the Hero I patch — you just won’t see those features when we launch Hero I in April because the Hero II contents are still ‘sleeping’.

Now you might ask, if Hero II is better than Hero I, and some of the contents of II are already part of  I, then why not just patch them together – as in isang bagsakan, para masaya? Two main reasons:

(1) Storyline/ Chronological order of content - most of the content of Hero I are preludes to those in Hero II, and we want you to experience the features of Hero I first and understand the story behind it before moving to the next. It’s like a movie franchise – like Harry Potter Book 7 and the Twilight Series: Breaking Dawn – shown in two films. By dividing them, they were able to clearly narrate the story of the books without overloading the viewers with too much happenings, and were able to highlight important scenes in both parts.

(2) Technical and Testing Purposes – Dividing them into two allows us to separate the patch files into smaller ones, reducing problems with larger patch files. But more important, you can experience the features of Hero I while we test Hero II. If we patch them together, you would need to wait longer because testing the features of Hero II is time-consuming.

Since most of the contents of Hero II are already inside Hero I, it would only take a few months before we release Hero II, since most of the work would be on testing. When we will release Hero II is a question I would leave hanging – for now.

And I guess that’s about it for my first blog! I hope you enjoyed reading. :)

If you have comments, questions, or suggestions (that is related to this post), please post them here, and I’ll reply to them when I can.

Till next time!

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