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[Advisory] Hero I Game Client Installer Guide

Hero I begins the series of exciting high-level content that will allow you to explore the land of vengeance like never before.

It is important that you download the full client installer as early as you can – since you are required to install a fresh, new ROHAN client to play Hero I (you cannot auto-patch it).

If you have questions, concerns or suggestions, please post here.

1.) Download the Rohan Hero I installer. You can download from any of the three links below:

We have password-protected the files so you cannot accidentally install Hero I before the patch date. The password is r0h@nh3r0.

Click ‘read more’ for the guide on how to install our latest client.

You should get the files below:

2.) Once download has been completed, right-click on Rohan Hero I-I FTP.part1.rar

3.) Specify a folder where it will be extracted:

4.) Enter the password:

5.) Once extraction has been completed, double click on autorun.exe

6.) When the autoplay launcher appears click the “Install Full Game” Button.

  • Register – This button opens up your web browser and redirects you to the My Level Up! registration page.
  • Rohan Website – This button opens up your web browser and redirects you to the Main Rohan Website.
  • Facebook – This button opens up your web browser and redirects you to the Main Rohan’s Facebook Fanpage.
  • Install Full Client – This opens up the main installation window of Rohan Hero I-I.

7.) The installation window will appear, click “Next” to proceed with the next step.

8.) Next, the End-User License Agreement window will appear. Click “I accpect the terms in the License Agreement” if you wish to continue with installing the game.

Note: If you are a new player of Rohan or new Level Up! user; it is important to read and understand our End-User License Agreement in order to avoid any conflicts or issues in the near future.

9.) Next step is the Game install destination; this window will allow you to specify as to where do you wish to have Rohan Online installed or located; in line with this, example screenshot is provided below.

  • Installation Path Input Bar – Allows you to place or type-in install location.
  • Browse button – Opens up a new window which allows users to locate a better location for installation.
  • Back Button – Goes back to the previous step.
  • Next Button – Proceeds to the next step
  • Cancel Button – Clicking this will cancel the whole setup.

10.) By clicking next, game installation will proceed with install proper.

11.) Once setup is completed, you may click Finish to complete final phase of installation; you may click the “Launch Rohan Online” checkbox if you wish to run Rohan Online after installation.

12.) Once you launch Rohan Online, the launcher will pop up; once it opens, the launcher will patch at least .02GB worth of files. It will take only a few minutes to download.

13.) Once patching finishes, you may click the “Play” button in order to login to Rohan Online.

14.) Once your client has completed loading, you will now be treated to the new login screen.

Login and let vengeance reign again!

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