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[Patch] Hero 2 Manual Patch Download Link and Installation Guide

Copy paste password here:    rhphh3r01-2

Greetings Warriors,

We’re only a day away from ROHAN’s biggest update yet and we’re here to share information on how to patch Hero 2.

Two ways to patch Hero 2: (1) Auto-patch (which will be available tomorrow, June 20, during the patch date) and (2) Manual Patch (which you can download now and run tomorrow).

Manual Patch Download Link:

Size: 96.4MB (compressed)

Note: The Manual Patch is password-protected to avoid accidental patching before the patch date.


1. Save / Move the manual patch file inside your ROHAN Hero 1 folder (where it is installed):

If the manual patch file is not saved inside your ROHAN client folder, this error message would appear:

2. Once saved inside your ROHAN Hero I folder, run the manual patch. The manual patch extraction window will now appear:

3. Select the path to ‘target’ your ROHAN Hero 1 folder. Once done, click the Start button to begin the extraction process:

You will receive a confirmation message if the extraction process is successful:

After clicking ‘OK’ in the confirmation message, you will be directed automatically to the manual patching process proper:

4. Again, select the path to your ROHAN Hero 1 folder.

Another confirmation message will appear if the manual patch process proper is successful.

5. Launch your ROHAN client by clicking on the ‘Loader’ file or your shortcut found on your desktop. If done right, the client will automatically authenticate its files and bypass the auto-patching process.

6. Click ‘PLAY’ once optimization is done. As usual, you will be directed to the account login screen.

Congratulations, you have successfully patched your ROHAN Client to Hero 2! Enjoy! :)

For the full patch notes of Hero 2, visit

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