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Treasure Pouch Event

It’s time to test your luck as the Treasure Pouch Event is here!!!! Event Quests will be available… Quest 1:               Exchange to Event Gold Coin Reward:              Event Gold Coin x1 Requirement:    Collect Event Silver Coin x 100 and give it to the NPC Quest 2:              Exchange to Flame Diamond Reward:    [...]

Monster Renewal (Normal Field/Dungeons)

Date: March 6, 2014 Are you born a hunter in-game and lucky enough to loot special items from the mobs you killed?! This is your chance to take advantage of all the luck and hunting skills you have as the evaders of the Rohan world become more stronger and opulent. I. FIRE TEMPLE GARDEN Field [...]

Player of the week: CBUxSaliBWag of Neo-Edoneh server

Real Name: William A. Kilaton IGN: CBUxSaliBWag Level: 110 Server: Neo Edoneh Character Class: Avenger Character’s Gender: Male Race: Dhan Guild: BoundByBLOOD When did you start playing Rohan? 2009 What is your unforgettable in-game experience? when i first entered township battle. Why do you love Rohan? i love Rohan because of its in-game interface and [...]

Elemental Masters

Do you have what it takes to be the ELEMENTAL MASTERS? Gather your allies and fight your way through this waves of monsters! But wait finishing it may take some skills but doing it all over again and again will take some stamina out of you! Finish the following levels starting February 19 – March [...]

Player of the week: lxlAngeLisHlxl@OH of Neo-Edoneh server

Warriors of Rohan! We present to you our Player of the Week from Neo-Edoneh server. Real Name:Ronie Mar Martinez Pardillo IGN: lxlAngeLisHlxl@OH Level: 102 Server: Neo-Edoneh Character Class: Templar Character’s Gender: Female Race: Elf Guild: BoundByBlood When did you start playing Rohan? 2010 What is your unforgettable in-game experience? when you reach level 30.. PVP [...]

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