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Shamans of the Blizzard Spirits

Savages provide buffs to allies and debuffs to enemies who venture inside their Totem Castles. Savages specialize in dual sword based skills and are ideal in party play with their area-of-effect attacks and party-wide buffs. Built to switch from offense to defense, and vice versa, in the blink of an eye, the Savages are keys to turning the tide of battle.

Hint: Like all other Job Change quests, this has to be done while you are not in a party. Bringing a friend along (especially someone that can heal) while keeping yourselves not partied will greatly decrease the difficulty of the Quest chains.

Talk to NPC Brayden, located at the northern part of Etton. Inquire about the Giant Warrior: Savage quest


Brayden will instruct you to collect 30 Swampton’s Hide from Deep Swamp Varcks, located at the lower right area of Kowarre’s Dolmen of Heroes.

The Hides are not 100% drop; you would have to kill several Deep Swamp Varcks before you can complete the 30 needed.

Return to Brayden once you complete this task.

Click here to view the Savage Skill Set