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Shielynth is the new Zone for LV80+ Players; it features rocky terrain with the long sea coast and an old Harbor Town of Shielyn Harbor. The ruins of the ancient Gratt Fortress can be seen in the middle of the zone. (Marketing can change this part if it is not in line with the game’s story).

How  To Enter Shielynth
There are various ways to enter the Shielynth Continent. First is via the portal gates and second is by using Portal Gate Stone that can be bought from NPCs.

Via Portal Gates at Liom Continent

  • This option of entering the Shielynth Map can be accomplished by walking or riding a mount.

  1. Located at Northwest part of Liom Continent:

    Specifically, the portal is located at Diabolo Garden. The portal, blue-colored round area, can be found at upper right corner of B3 – Liom Continent Map. Players will be teleported to Northeast part of Shadow heights, specifically at lower right part of K2 – Shielynth Continent map.

  2. Located at Southwest part of Liom Continent:

    The second portal can be found at Myrtle Woods. Looking at the Liom’s Continent Map, the said portal is located at upper right corner of B8. Looking at the Shielynth Continent map, character will be teleported to lower right part of K7.

Via Portal Stones
Another way of entering Shielynth Continent is by using Gate Portal stones. Player can buy the said portal stone from Nictor – Limestone Foothill Peddler. The gate portal stone that can be bought from Nictor of Limestone Foothill Bindstone will teleport the character to Southern Shielynth Bindstone.

Southern Shielynth Bindstone is located at Solar Tears. Looking at Shielynth Map, the said bindstone is located at intersection between H8 and H9.

Southern Shielynth Gate Portal Stone is also available to the following NPCs:

  1. Schultz – Southern Shielynth Merchant. This merchant is available at Southern Shielynth Bindstone inside Shielynth Continent. Players can also buy Limestone Foothill Portal Stone and Mangrove Bay Gate Portal Stone.

  2. Traikor – Sundries Merchant. Located inside Shielyn Harbor at Western Shore of Shielynth Continent. Shielyn Harbor is located between B8 and C8 of Shielynth Continent Map. Again, this portal stone will teleport players to Southern Shielynth Bindstone.

  3. Aidan – Mangrove bay Merchant. This merchant can be found at Mangrove Bay Bindstone of Shilayah Continent. Same as above, this portal stone will teleport players at Southern Shielynth Bindstone.

    Mangrove Bay Bindstone is located at lower left part of H6 (Shilayah Continent Map).